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Poetry Reflections...


My child, why do I intentionally smile?

I have learned that it cannot be forced but it can be done with a mission, a focus and ambition;

Your smile to your child is less about your mood and more about the formation of their world;

It’s a safe place for them to rest, a consistent attraction, their internal applaud, an act, to be always upheld;

Yes, they may not realise, but mummy’s smile is creating edification, a source of empowerment, esteem and affirmation;

Your child will always remember the comfort in your revealed pearls, the bones set upon your jaws, hand-made for them like chiseled emeralds;

Jewels which cannot be purchased with price, so softly hidden in your child’s memory of life, one which will always suffice;

So why do I intentionally smile?

My child, as we stare eye to eye, smile to smile and I see yours being extended to others, and even more others;

I see my smile is now your smile and your smile is now their smile;

From face to face, and glow to glow, who knows where, my child, your smile will go.

© Sonia Omojola 2020

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