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Hello, it’s been a hot little minute, but I really wanted to share something with you before the month is over.

I hope you have been keeping well!

Since I last spoke with you a lot has happened - the book has been through some hurdles, I have been promoted into a new job and life has turned a new chapter.

But one thing remains certain, I am still passionate about sharing my motherhood experiences and want mothers to enjoy quality time with their loved ones - connecting deeply with themselves and their children.

So, this month I want to unravel some research on happiness in motherhood. More specifically, how a mother’s happiness enhances her child’s sense of satisfaction.

I have touched slightly on this before from my own experience, but I was intrigued to find out what professionals were saying on the subject so below are some findings from a research managed by the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex based on a sample of 6,441 women, 5,384 men and 1,268 young people:

  • A mother’s happiness in a relationship is more important to the child than a father’s

  • Young people's satisfaction with their family situation is clearly related to the quality of relationships with parents and especially their mother's happiness

  • Contrary to the popular belief that children only want to spend time playing videogames or watching TV the study found that children were most happy when interacting with their parents or siblings

I fully support these findings from my own experience of motherhood and observing how our son’s world lights up when I am happy. It is as if a sweet aroma suffuses the home when mummy lights up. I have seen it time and time again.

So, I wondered why this might be. I will be doing some more research into the psychology behind these findings but for now I want to whet your appetite and encourage you mummies out there by reinforcing the message that your wellbeing matters to your little ones!

When mummy is happy, your children are more likely to be happy too. Yes, so this means self-care is of upmost importance and a requirement for the right balance in your home, so please do not feel guilty for spending that extra time indulging in self-love.

If you want to hear more on this topic, please reach out and let’s go deeper. I will be posting some more content on quality time with your little ones and yourself. You can also read more of the findings of this research here.

With Love,



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