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My Story

Where It All Began

It wasn’t long after I held this tiny bundle of joy in my arms that my life did a 180 degrees turn, spinning me around like a roller coaster that had no end.


Yes, I was love-stricken (I still am); taken aback by his enchanting smell of earthy cleanliness that I knew only he possessed and was unique to his bodily composition. I wanted no impure smell to take it away, he was all ours and I wanted to incubate our experience.


Weighing 7lb 7oz, delivered by an emergency C-section, he wasn’t the smallest of babies. But what surprised us the most was his alert nature. It felt as though he had been around for much longer than the day he was born.


I remember my best friend coming to visit me in the hospital the following morning after spending hours with me in labour. As soon as she spoke, Zachariah looked at her from head to toe – I was amazed. This active, smart, intuitive, small, joyful being became our fascination, we were and remain captivated.


Along my journey, I’ve had some ups and downs, some exhilarating experiences and I’ve hit rock bottom. I have created this community as a place for mothers to find comfort for their souls amongst all the daily demands, life challenges and constant desire to give of herself to her children, family and the people she loves.


It is the development of a safe place where mothers can find a point of reference, connect and where needed reconnect with herself, children and those she loves.


I look forward to journeying together.


With Love

Sonia Omojola x

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