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'Monkey See Monkey Do'

Hello all,

Not to worry, I have not hijacked her blog. She has once again requested that I write another blog (I might start invoicing her. Lol).

The realist in me always tells me that life can be quite chaotic at times. However, as people I believe that we ought to at least contribute to alleviating some of these chaotic times. I also believe as fathers we have a crucial role to play in contributing to a better future.

So, as fathers how do we accomplish this? My simple answer to this boils down to the idea that instilling a sense of responsibility into our children is of high importance.

There is a famous saying, that goes ‘Monkey see, monkey do’ which conveys imitation. Though this is a humorous saying, it however has a powerful reality, which quite clearly relates to humans as well.

The imitation of humans is a phenomenon, which has existed throughout history and can be easily seen in babies, toddlers, and little children e.g., a child might copy his/her parents’ gestures, words, or habits (both good and unfortunately bad). So, given this, you might also be thinking what does chaos have to do with a child imitating its parents gestures?

Well, I believe that it has a lot to do with it. As parents, there are clearly characteristics that we possess that are both good and bad that by nature of the imitation rule our children will then take on subconsciously.

However, given this inevitable truth, we as parents especially of young ones must at least aspire to constantly improve on our flaws for those who naturally imitate us to have better values to imitate. This is no easy feat, especially as the older we get we tend to get stuck in our own ways, but I do believe an old dog can learn new tricks thanks to the amazing nature of neuroplasticity.

Constant positive change to character, virtue, gestures will ultimately be seen by all; and for those little ones who imitate, it will mean that they have better things to imitate, which leads to them being better responsible people for the future.

I once heard another saying (as you can see, I love quotes), ‘Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times’ - G Michael Hopf.

Such a powerful statement! However, to stop the good times fading away, a strong foundation of good behaviour, virtues and gestures can at least be modelled by fathers and mothers in order for the future to be more hopeful.

Therefore, if you want a better future for the next generation, why not try letting your child see a more chivalrous nature, such as opening doors (God help me on this one), serving others ahead of yourself, communicating compassionately to your spouse (God help me again), not raising your voice etc.

With all these in mind perhaps we might be on the pathway to a more respectable rewarding future which has its roots in a simple vow to ourselves as parents to actively work on what will inevitably be emulated by the future generations.

This will result in only a win, win, win situation as self improves, child improves, and a more hopeful future ensues.

So, may God help us all to embrace the challenge of change.

Have a blessed week and enjoy the challenge!



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