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Sometimes you may feel as though your voice is drowning in an array of ‘to-do lists’, changing nappies, cleaning, multi-tasking and keeping your children entertained.

Did you know that your child responds to the intricacies of your tone, your sound, your words?

I believe it is innately designed that they are attuned to the reverberations of what you have to say - how, when and why you say it. Your voice is not hidden, your presence in your home is powerful.

That’s why when you fully embrace the depth of your unique and irreplaceable light - you shine. And when mummy shines, her children shine too.

Remember Who You Are

Take a moment to discover or rediscover your voice.

Understand that it has power, when delivered with love, to build, encourage, and shine light into the heart of your little ones.

With Love,

Sonia Omojola


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