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Sane, Drained & Excited

Last week I had one of many discussions with my husband concerning our son’s abundance of energy. You know, the type that makes you feel tired just by looking at them (I smile).

My husband was sharing his thoughts on the reality for most, being as we age, our energy levels, by nature are in decline. Unless of course, you are super fit and are on an upward trajectory of vitality.

He was tired and so was I. But we had a choice to either grumble and internally blame this tiredness on our son’s requirement for consistent activity or to see his energy levels as a gift.

I began to share with my husband my thoughts about the gift of ENERGY.

Energy is life…

Children have an abundance of life to be admired. Their zest and excitement comes in bountiful waves which can sometimes feel like a psychological avalanche to the tired parent but I consider it more to be like a fast flowing stream which needs to be directed to reach its desired destination.

When we choose to encourage their gift of life and surplus energy, I believe they will excel in their talents and confidence, be it in football, ballet, tennis, a musical instrument, acting, academics etc.

It is my opinion that gentle words of approval and acceptance of their thirst for activity can switch on the momentum for their internal motivation. I believe it will also have a positive impact on their feeling of contentment because their full potential will be realised by having enough exposure to activities which they may be gifted in. How many of us can say, ‘Oh, I wish my parents had encouraged me in my sport, music etc...’

But if we deem their energy to be a hindrance, then this will inevitably be projected onto them and they too may feel this way about themselves and lack the confidence and self-belief they require to embrace the things they naturally enjoy. After all, it’s not their fault. Children have not asked to be infused with the stamina likened to energizer bunnies!

So, whilst at times, our son’s energy can feel as though one can literally lose their marbles, I have chosen to understand this energy and direct it, to give him the discipline and focus he requires. Not negating to forget that downtime is just as important!

My husband and I come down to our son’s level and play with him. He asked me today to play ‘Lions’. 'Mummy you be Scar and I will be Simba.'

We play this game on the floor as we move around on all fours like lions, with lots of roaring and reciting of the ‘The Lion King’ scenes. It's taxing at times but I love seeing him satisfied by having some intimate, quality, play time. It’s during these moments that his personality will shine and I’ll hear how much he knows about characters and storylines; I mean word for word verbatim!

After the lockdown we plan on getting our son into a sport and/or creative arts. What are you doing to direct your child(ren)’s energy and talents?

Please share your strategies with us, I’d love to also hear how you are coping with the lockdown and any creative ideas you have adopted to keep your little ones entertained.

I hope you are enjoying your family time and especially if you are working from home, are taking quality time breaks to engage with your children in play. They will cherish these memories for a lifetime.

Keep up the good work!

With Love,

Sonia Omojola


Sonia Omojola
Sonia Omojola
Nov 24, 2020

Hey Monique, thank you for your comments and for sharing your experience. I can definitely take a leaf from your book and listen to my body more. 🙄😅 You are so blessed to be raising your son in a hot country. 🎉I'm sure he's getting a good amount of the happy serotonin. 💕👏


Monique Dillon
Monique Dillon
Nov 24, 2020

Thank you Sonia, such beautiful words and truth. I also have an very active son. My way around this obstacle of tiredness is to know my body and what I need to do to function at my best for my son. So for me that looks like taking a quick nap with him, so we can continue our day of play. I am also so lucky to live in a country that is warm nearly everyday of the year, so we do alot of out door water play with friends in parks. My son really does use all his enjoy playing and running water!! Haha!!


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