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My Book is My Story

Firstly, we made it!

Twenty-twenty has been a tumultuous year but we made it to the other side. Be it with some scars and wounds, it is my hope and prayer that these will heal in time and this year will be bright for all!

It wasn’t until the year ended that I realised how much of a weight I carried through 2020. Some great things happened too, like managing to get my finances in order by spending less and the enhanced quality time with my family.

Another amazing thing happened in 2020 - I managed to finish my book! I had begun the journey of writing my first young adult fantasy book when my son was just three months old.

Something happened to me when I gave birth to my son. I felt a surge of fire in my soul to complete everything I had procrastinated on beforehand. This energy made me feel as though I could accomplish anything, I put my hands to.

So, I began with my talent—writing. I began writing The Purple Potion literally by going with the flow of my fingers. I had no idea what the story would become. The more I wrote, the more ideas would flow, and an amazing story unfolded before my eyes.

However, what I found, was my DNA printed throughout the story. I could literally feel my life unravelling before my eyes in the form of a fantasy story. It brought me high levels of excitement but also at times, sorrow, as I identified with the characters’ disappointments.

Writing The Purple Potion has been a magical experience. Although, the life challenges along the way have been beyond my imagination. I mean, I have dealt with issues leading to depression and some agonising experiences as a first-time mum, all of which I will speak about another time. But something has remained certain, I—continued—writing.

So, through blood, sweat and tears, The Purple Potion is soon to be launched. It’s not just an ordinary fantasy book, this shows the struggles of those who have a great mission in life and through determination, trust and passion, absolutely nothing is impossible.

I hope you enjoy the read. Please subscribe to be notified of the launch date and share this with someone you know will be inspired and encouraged.

Once again, a blessed and Happy New Year to you and yours! 🎉

With Love,

Sonia Omojola


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