Do You Know...

Poetry Reflections...


Do you know my child, that mummy has often stared at you for time without end, wondering why she was blessed by heaven;

Do you know that the smell of your garments creates in me the lightest of moods and comforts me in my darkest moments;

Do you know that the touch of your fine hair is a reminder of your fragility and causes me to realise my fears are a minority;

Do you know my child, that your voice sounds like the notes of a tender chord, softly played, able to melt a heart toughened by life events, harder than clay;

Do you know that the joy in my heart is a reflection of your innocent smile, hidden in the pocket of my memory, taken out more frequent than once in a while;

And do you know that there will come a time one day when your precious soul will mature, enough to depart, but until then you will always be my baby, forever a priceless gemstone kept in my heart.

With Love,


© Sonia Omojola 2020

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