I'm Transitioning...

On, Sunday 15 August, I was invited to speak about motherhood at an event organised by the Game Changer Group. I wasn’t prepared for what would happen.

So, it was kind of a last-minute request, which meant I wasn’t too prepared if I’m to be honest. Well in saying prepared, I mean writing extensive notes etc. Nonetheless, what I was prepared to do, was share my story and where I am coming from.

Even as I write this now, I feel similar emotions of almost a sense of nervousness emerging within which I was left with following the story I shared. This was because I realised the level of transparency required to really help mothers overcome the challenges of motherhood and to do so I shared my life.

I spoke about how I had come from a home where I felt little maternal love and experienced a deep sense of rejection. I then began to speak about the knock-on effect this had on my teenage years and the sense of anger that I walked with. It was all very real, open, and honest, incidentally, which is the slogan for the Game Changer Group.

Was I sharing too much? I thought to myself. I didn't want to sound like I despised my mother, to the contrary, as I honour and love her. But more important to me was that people knew why I was so passionate about parenting. Why spending quality time with your little ones can transform their wellbeing. Why providing them with the secure emotional foundation they need is crucial to their development. Why I am now a quality time advocate. I was speaking from my childhood experience.

Now, all these years on, having been healed from my past hurts, I have an insatiable passion to impart a deep sense of love into our son, which comes from a place of knowing the consequences of being devoid of this maternally but also a natural effect of being whole. It’s now my mission to teach mothers how to be sensitive to their children’s deepest needs and to understand their love language, which is predominately quality time.

So, where has this left my vision? Although sharing my experiences on motherhood is awesome, I’m transitioning. What I felt from my time at the Game Changer Group event, is that mothers need more. Mothers, especially those from similar backgrounds as mine, may need some tools to help them parent with intention and give their children what they themselves did not receive. They need to hear stories like theirs and ways in which they can overcome their struggle - that's where my story can help.

We need to break the cycle.

How do you pour into your children what you did not experience yourself?

Journey with me as I put these tools together to show how I overcame to be able to parent from a place of passion, love, and wholeness. I want to impart them to those who are asking the questions, how do I break the vicious cycle?

It will take being honest with yourself to be on this journey, and it might be tough, but I do hope you will be willing to follow so that the next generation of children are recipients of your parenting from a place of healing and wholeness. I am transitioning and I want to bring you along too!

With Love,


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